Duck Hunting Cakes
Most of these cakes feature "Shadow Grass Camouflage" made from
sugar.  This is a technique that I developed when a bride presented me with
a shirt belonging to the groom and asked me to match it.  The camo has
become very popular since and I have demonstrated the technique to make it
for many cake clubs across Texas!
Some of these cakes have a resin duck that is used for home decor and
others have a sculpted cake duck.  I am no longer able to supply the duck
because it was not returned to me after a wedding...
The 200.00 duck was purchased from a shop in Galveston that no longer
exists...sorry but you will have to supply your own duck now.  

To the former Kelly Rogers, if you are reading this...I would really love to
have my duck back!

The other cakes below feature a sugar disk with a hand painted hunting
dog with a duck in it's mouth
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