Groom's Cakes
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A cool Drink!
bud light cake
beer chest cake
Beer bottle cake
crawfish and beer cake
baseball cake
Cake baseball glove
stadium cake
basketball court cake
golf bag cake
Alligator cake
duck hunter camouflage cake
hunt fish cake
wild hog cake
hog cake
duck hunter cake
black lab cake
deer hunter groom's cake
Things that go
four wheeler cake
four wheeler groom's cake
ATV cake
4 wheeler cake
boat cake
It's just him
shrek cake
indian totem cake
baseball hat cake
Crown cake
The musician
electric guitar cake
electric guitar cake, fender cake
guitar cake, accoustic guitar cake
Stevie Ray Vaughn guitar cake
drum cake
Giving thanks
Bible cake
Bible, deer cake
Good to eat
crawfish bucket cake
Hotdog cake
Grill cake
Crawfish cake, crawfish boil cake
Grill cake
alligator cake, crawfish cake, crawfish boil cake
Loves work
Pill bottle cake
refinery cake
toolbox cake
firehat cake, fireman cake
boxing cake
boxing gloves cake
His Passion
surf beach cake
Coi cake
shark cake
shark cake
black jack cake
bowling alley cake
Alma Mater
UT Texas cake
Aggie bonfire cake
TCU horned toad cake
Horned toad cake
Texas flag cake
Aggie Rings cake
Aggie ring cake
Gig em aggies cake
From the
boots and hat cake, haybale cake, cowboy cake
saddle cake
painted horse cake
Texas flag cake
Miller lite cake
hat and boots cake
cowboy cake
Gone Fishin
airbrushed bass cake
Jumping Bass fish cake
bass fish cake
Jumping bass fish
trout cake
dragon fly tree stump cake
Chocolate moose cake
Moose cake
tree stump cake
Saddle cake
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Some of these cakes feature techniques originally developed and demonstrated by me
such as the Sugar Glass Beer Bottles and the Shadow Grass Fondant Camouflage

In the beginning, I made beer bottles from chocolate and sprinkled the sugar "ice" around them.  When a bride asked me if I could make clear bottles for a
specific brand I decided to use the same sugar mixture that i made the ice from to make the bottles too.   The sugar glass bottles were born!  As I began to
teach this method I learned from my students to just print the labels instead of doing it the hard way and hand painting them on gumpaste....much less time
consuming and looks more like the real bottles that way.  The camo cake was born when a bride asked  if I could reproduce a camo pattern on a cake. After
much thought I developed the camo technique that has become one of the most popular cakes in our area for groom's that duck hunt. I get calls from cake
decorators all over the United States asking how I make both of these cakes.  General directions from my demonstrations can be found on the
Demonstrations Page and I now teach these techniques on a regular basis here in Southeast Texas and elsewhere.  These techniques are used everywhere
now...but they were born here.
Thanks For Looking!